To Italy we go

Friday, march 17th we were finally off to Italy! We arrived to JFK airport literally 4 hours early. It was so worth it though! Once we we were there waiting for our airlines to open we saw STAINER! From “she’s out of my league” one of our favorites movies. We were so shocked we got to meet a famous person! Jordan and tj(that’s his real name) took a selfie – I was not in the photo because I was shy haha. But look how awesome  photos is?!IMG_7407

We later met Ben stiller! Who by the way couldn’t take a selfie due to running out of time, but it was nice talking to him for a while. Jordan got his hunting on. Hunting for celebrities haha😂. Anyway, after an hour in the airport we were told we were in the wrong terminal. We still had lots of time and planned on getting lost so it all worked out. We finally got to our airlines and met a very cool lady was also traveling to Rome and has airplane anxiety like me haha! So, then we go thru security and recognize a comedian/actor who Jordan only knows (had no idea who he was) Jordan was near him and said “jim galfgan” and he was not nice to jordan haha. Just not very friendly at all…But what ever…

So, fast forward 3 hours later we started to board our ginormous airplain and my anxiety kicked. I did some breathing exercises while Jordan of course doing it with me but very dramatically. Then, my nerves went away once we sat on our seat. We had a pillow and head phones on our seats. We watched 4 movies during the 7.5 hour flight. It definitely went by very quickly. And just about to fall asleep I get so parched and hot. So I slept about an hour.

At 7ish am we landed in Rome! It was warm and a little damp, but felt good! It’s so green and pretty! We then got our luggage and withdrew the most prettiest paper money ever, euros!!IMG_7403

We then found our gate 1 travel sign and we we’re off to our hotel! Once we got to our hotel we were in awe, it was so “fancy” 😉 haha I always expect the worst and it actually surprised me. We got to our room, we showered and toured around the city until 6:30 pm is when we had to get back to meet everyone. It’s very well kept for having so many tourist. Anyway, we had some lemon ice cream, had some pizza and bought some small trinquetes. Lots of beautiful buildings, churches and lots of people.

It was very fun getting a little lost for a bit until we came to a location with lots of police men and people near the park. Jordan made us go thru it. He is so wild. And I obviously was scared because it was super sketchy. So, then we found a mini mart – bought some snacks and water. There’s no hot cheetos here total bummer but I expected that 😂…

I think we walked bout three miles just around the city. We were getting a bit tired so we headed back to our room and napped for an hour. We then got ready again to meet with our tour guide and our group. Everyone is so kind and happy! After our meeting we were off to dinner! Man, food here  is so light. I didn’t feel bloated or sick at all. Everything was different and not what I am used too, but I am glad I gave it it try. It was all yummy! One thing I didn’t not like is wime. Took the tiniest sip and literally was going to puke. So we opt out and took a selfie instead haha. Now it’s 11:30 pm-need some sleep waking up very early tomorrow for the biggest adventure! The colosseum. Stay tuned 🙂


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