Ok, not a lot of people know we are traveling to the most romantic place on earth… ITALY!!!  I wanted to make it more Facebook official. & when I say WE, I mean, Jordan and I.  No Harper! Not going to lie, but it gives me anxiety just knowing that I will be away from her for 10 days! 10 days PEOPLE!! I don’t know how I will survive.

Anyway, we leave on march 15th to New York City. I am so excited to be there and pretend I am Blair from Gossip Girl (haha) and eat lots of maccaroons in front of Tiffany’s.  Jordan thinks I am nuts about maccaroons and I think he is right ;). All seriousness, we are more intrested in visiting the Statue Of Liberty and 9-11 memorial for sure.

From New York we are headed to ROME and not sure exactly what we are doing because my hubby loves to surprise me knowing I don’t like surprises. (I am letting this one slide ;).)  Then, we are headed out to pisa, florence and the city of my dreams VENICE!

I am bringing a journal to document instead of hauling my computer around and not knowing if we will have WiFi at any of our hotels. I heard they are very slow pace compared to the US. So bare with me when I add our adventures on here.  For sureee if you know me I will be taking lots and lots of photos so make sure to follow me on Instagram and facebook!


p.s. Send me good vibes and prayers to keep my fear of flying at ease!

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