First day in New York

We made it to New York! Waahoooo!! Definitely the hardest day of my life. We left our sweet little Harper in Denver. Her sweet crying little face broke my heart in million itty bitty pieces. I hate not having her attached to my hip, taking her potty hundreds of times and her snuggles. But we know she’s in good hands of sister and brother in law.

We got to the airport we checked our bags and went thru security instantly. Then, my anxiety and fear of flying kicked in. I was trying so hard to be as positive as can be, but it didn’t work. So, I prayed. We boarded our plane Delta which btw is the most comfortable and the nicest airplain we have ever taken. We had really good ac, lots of movies to watch (trolls and nerve) and the best snacks! The three hour flight went by so fast that I didn’t notice we were landing. I really thought Denver airport was huge, but I was wrong. JFK airport is super huge haha. It was huge enough to have a mini mall in it! I mean Victoria secret, mac cosmetics, pandora, guess and so much more. There was even a huge bar with large lobsters and shrimp.

Eventually we finally got to our hotel. Showered and decided we should see and tour Time Square!




IMG_7359IMG_7346We used uber to get around (sketchyyyy) but it was not as sketchy how I thought It would be…….. once we were ready we checked our gps and said it should take us at least 43 minutes from Jamaica. Guess how long it took us??? 2 hours!! 2 hours to get to Time Square!! Traffic was insanly sloooowwwww!! Didn’t help that I was starving because I get crabby ( who doesn’t? Lol)……. on the interstate we passed three hugeeeee cemeteries within 3 miles. Jordan and I laugh because we were so shocked! I was going to take a photo, but that would have been awkward with our uber driver. Which he wasn’t that talkative. Any way, New York traffic is crazy and louuuud. Many many mannnnyyy people were honking! We thought Denver traffic is annoying. Nope! New York wins! While driving there we saw where the movie NERVER was filmed. we were on the street where Ian was blindfolded and Venus had to help him navigate thru traffic on his motorcycle.

Anyway, we were 1 mile away from our destination and agreed to walk the rest. Which was a lot faster to walk than drive – that’s how crazy traffic was. While walking we saw many unique buildings, cafes, mini marts and lots of food carts. We then made it to time square!It was very pretty, but not what we pictured haha. It’s like a huge, bright mall where anyoneone can hang out. Definitely a cool experience. We saw bat man, who didn’t not let me take a photo with out paying him of course. We never carry cash and glad we didn’t haha. There’s was a lady who tried to sell a rose to Jordan and he was like “no thanks”… then some rappers who were trying to sell Jordan their cd and Jordan took it thinking it was free haha. Then his whole crew started talking to Jordan (while I was hiding behind him haha) about how he looks like an assasin! Jordan was wearing a camo hoodie and obviously New York you don’t see that stuff haha. But man, made me safe that people see him like “don’t want to mess with that guy”! Then, we were offered weed. We told them we’re from Colorado so then he offered coke! Jordan and I said no thanks, turned around and took some photos. There were so many sketchy people and wasnt sure if they were all acting or whatever, but made me a little uncomfortable and the same time adventurous haha…


We were a bit cold and hungry so we walked some more to find a good spot to eat. Nothing really seemed appealing, but those food carts! We got into a cafe, found an ATM and tried some gyros tacos! Let me just say we’ve never had one and wasn’t sure if it would be any good. Uhm, we were wrong! It was super GOOD! The best non Mexican taco everrrrrrrr! It was spicy, bbqish and filling taco we have ever had. And we shared one!


After 20 minutes of viewing and taking photos we decided to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. We chose an appetizer nachos of course ;)! And realized we could just share it and man those nachos can feed like 6 adults! We almost ate half of it. They were good though! And the music was awesome. Then follow by a show! Haha we sang and laughed. Our waiter was energetic and friendly! He definitely made our experience in Hard Rock Cafe a good one. I would so come back again.

Finally, we payed our uber to get to our hotel hoping it would be a quick ride there. And it was. We got to our room watch some tv, talked about our day and how we miss our Harper girl. Luckily we were so tired it didn’t take too much to fall asleep. Definitely a day to remember. See you again next week New York! Traffic be nice to us please!


the araves minus one